SEEN In the Line Album – Digital Download


The women of the Bible have stories worth telling. These people were more than just names on a page. They were living, breathing human beings like you and me.

SEEN tells these important, relevant stories through original music. This album focuses on the women in the lineage of Jesus Christ. This is a digital download of SEEN Collective's New Full-Length Album: SEEN In the Line. On this album you'll get access to:

  1. Eve (feat. Kristen Brewer)
  2. Noah's Wife (feat. Mariah Keener)
  3. Sarah (feat. Jaclyn Susa Harnish)
  4. Rebekah (feat. Kristen Brewer)
  5. Leah (feat. Jaclyn Susa Harnish)
  6. Tamar (feat. Mariah Keener)
  7. Rahab (feat. Jaclyn Susa Harnish)
  8. Ruth & Naomi (feat. Natalie Moyer & Kristen Brewer)
  9. Bathsheba (feat. Mariah Keener)
  10. Elizabeth & Mary (feat. Jaclyn Susa Harnish & Kristen Brewer)
  11. I Am Seen (feat. Kristen Brewer)

This is a .zip version of the album that you can download and is best opened and added to your phone through a computer.


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